Just Breathe Out

Using Your Breath to Create a New, Healthier You
By Betsy Thomason, BA, RRT and Foreword by Mike Ramsay, MD, Chairman, Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management Baylor University Medical Center

Are you looking for balance between what you want to do and what your body lets you do? You’ll find the answers in JUST BREATHE OUT—Using Your Breath to Create a New, Healthier You. Respiratory therapist and breathing trainer Betsy Thomason, BA, RRT revolutionizes the way we think and act about breathing. The foreword is written by pain management guru Mike Ramsay, MD, Chairman of the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management at Baylor University Medical Center. Dr. Ramsay concurs that the BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs) revolutionizes our understanding of the process called breathing.

 In JUST BREATHE OUT, Thomason explains what few are sharing: The active, spine-stretching outbreath generates energy, creates relaxation, and is the tool for managing stress and pain. Thomason substantiates the change of focus from inbreath to outbreath with scientific reasoning and experiential understandings. JUST BREATHE OUT is a how-to-breathe book which guides the reader in the process of learning BODs. JUST BREATHE OUT includes illustrations, suggestions for coordinating breathing with exercise and activities of daily living, and health tips utilizing the active, spine-stretching outbreath, the core element of JUST BREATHE OUT.

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